Hi, my name is Jan, also known as smittie sometimes.

I’m holding a bachelor degree in media engineering and am currently enrolled in a masters program for media related computer science in düsseldorf, germany.

When I’m not hacking into my keyboard writing code in various programming languages like Python, Clojure or X, I like to…

…spend time with my wife and our beloved espresso machine.

…follow my passion for jazz music on guitar or piano.

…keep my coffee game high with my espresso machine or chemex filter.

…read articles or books about clean code, functional programming or philosphic topics.

…tweak my programming and system setup on Linux or OSX.

…do sports like Crossfit or LesMills.

…have good chats about all of the above mentioned.

For more details on my working experience, head over to my LinkedIn.

You could even drop me an e-mail if you like.

Just click the envelope below.